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Free Teleclass: The New Rules for Career Happiness

Kerry-Hannon-270x300The New Rules for Career Happiness
Tuesday, August 25th, 2015
10:00-10:30am PDT


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‘Be Curious, Be Generous and Bring People Together’

CA-Ernst-Young_Carter-220x300By Angela Carter, Principal, Ernst & Young LLP

I’ve been fortunate in my career—I’ve worked with leading technology companies during an incredibly exciting time in the global technology revolution while being able to bring professional services to my clients that have helped them achieve their business goals. My trajectory hasn’t followed a straight path and it didn’t come about as the result of a calculated five-year plan either. When I look back at my career, among the factors that truly helped me flourish was a mix of genuine curiosity, great mentors and a love for creating connections and solving problems. Along the way, I’ve benefitted from many lessons (some of them mistakes) that might help other women in their professional journeys. Read More

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9 Ways the U.S. Women’s World Cup Win Makes the World a Better Place

Fans cheer on the U.S. women's soccer team at the first ticker-tape parade in New York City for an all-female sports team. Photo credit: Anthony Quintano

Fans cheer on the U.S. women’s soccer team at the first ticker-tape parade in New York City for an all-female sports team. Photo credit: Anthony Quintano

You don’t have to be a soccer fanatic to understand how truly awesome the U.S. women’s World Cup win is. So you can have a full and fine appreciation, here, with help from our Facebook followers, are 9 ways the triumph raised the bar, shifted the paradigm, shattered the ceiling—and otherwise rocked: Read More

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Exclusive Offer from Good Morning America’s Tory Johnson

Tory-Johnson-book-220x300Tory Johnson lived for nearly 40 years believing that if only she could lose weight everything would be perfect—only to discover that life doesn’t work that way. She finally did what had always been impossible: She lost 62 pounds in a year, and more since then. But rainbows and unicorns never appeared.

While she’s incredibly proud of her ongoing weight loss journey—a gigantic reward itself—it took several subsequent personal and professional hard hits to accept that lasting happiness, joy and fulfillment couldn’t be defined by a number on the scale or the size of a dress. Realizing she had a lot more work to do, Tory set out to transform herself on the inside as she had done on the outside.

Now in Shift for Good, Tory takes readers on a journey of personal discovery—with continued emphasis on weight loss and far beyond. She shares the remarkable impact that simple changes have made personally and professionally. Whether you want to re-engage at work, strengthen relationships, improve your health or find daily joy in all you do, Tory shows you how to shift for good, too.

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Preorder Shift for Good today and receive an immediate excerpt, free custom journal, bracelet and mini mantra hand tattoos. Additionally, for you as a Conference for Women newsletter subscriber, when you submit your proof of purchase at this week, Tory will mail you a set of 6 smart, fun custom magnets to inspire your shift, along with other Shift-inspired treats.


What You Really Need to Do to Move Up
Courage Training for Civilians
9 Ways the US Women’s World Cup Win Makes the World a Better Place
‘Be Curious, Be Generous and Bring People Together’

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Courage Training for Civilians

MJ-Hegar-220x300On her third tour of duty in Afghanistan, rescue helicopter pilot MJ Hegar and her crew were Medevacing three American soldiers who urgently needed surgery when they took fire from a large belt-fed machine gun. Still, they lifted off, determined to save the wounded soldiers’ lives. But with their fuel lines hit, they had to crash land. Hegar, who sustained shrapnel in her arm and thigh, fought the enemy off while the patients were being transferred to the escort chopper, then jumped onto its skids as it took off, holding on with one hand while firing her rifle with the other. Read More

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What You Really Need to Do to Move Up

Banks,-Gloria-Mayfield-220x300Do you undermine yourself when you talk? If you say “just” a lot (as in, just checking in or this will just take a minute), former Google executive Ellen Petry Leanse says yes. In her LinkedIn blog post, which got a lot of people talking this summer, she claims that women say the word a lot more than men, and that the tendency can undercut one’s clarity and credibility. “Using the word is a way to soften your comments or tone down your strength—no woman uses it when telling her child to take out the trash,” says Gloria Mayfield Banks, a motivational success strategist and trainer and founding partner of Charisma Factor. Read More

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Podcast: How to Set Boundaries Without Feeling Guilty

Loder, VanessaIn this 30-minute session, Vanessa Loder shares the seven key habits that will enable you to say no and set boundaries with ease. Learning these skills will free up additional time and energy for you to pursue those things that really matter, and by applying this formula, you’ll create even more respect from those around you while standing firm in your authentic values. Click Play to listen or read the full transcript below. Read More

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Free Teleclass: Strategies to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Carson Tate 200x238bWork Simply and Live Fully: Strategies to Work Smarter, Not Harder
Tuesday, July 28th, 2015
10:00 am PDT


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