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Secrets to Putting Together a Winning Team

Featuring Maya Strelar-Migotti, VP Development Unit IP and Head of Ericsson Silicon Valley Site, Ericsson “The density of super smart people that work in Silicon Valley almost forces you to become humble,” says Maya Strelar-Migotti, head of Ericsson Silicon Valley and a Watermark board member. “While there really is no room for arrogance here, there is plenty of room for our workplaces to become more diverse.” When shaping and managing … [ more ]

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Cultivating a Work Culture of Innovation

By Jennifer Veilleux, Sr. Manager, Corporate Citizenship, Boston Scientific Corporation While people may traditionally think innovation only happens in a science lab or at the desk of an engineer, innovation has become ubiquitous. In today’s business environment, every employee is expected to innovate. Innovation isn’t just inventing or improving products—innovation is thinking beyond the expected to improve all aspects of business. In the words of Albert Einstein, “If you do … [ more ]

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What’s Holding Women Back from the C-Suite

By Peggy Hazard, Managing Principal and Co-Lead Advancing Women Practice, Korn Ferry Women have made significant advances in attaining higher levels of leadership in organizations; however, they still are far behind men when it comes to the most senior levels. There are many factors involved, but research shows that one key reason is that women do not obtain leadership experiences considered most critical in the C-Suite. In fact, research by … [ more ]

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Office Diplomacy: When Personalities Clash

Ever work with someone passive aggressive? Thin-skinned? A shouter? Unless you’re the cameraperson who films melting glaciers for Nat Geo TV, you probably know how frustrating—sometimes even maddening—it can be to deal with a difficult personality. “It’s challenging if it’s your boss, of course, because you feel constrained by what you can say or do,” says Sheila Heen, a faculty member at Harvard Law School and co-author of Thanks for … [ more ]

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Yes, You Can Go on Vacation—and Actually Not Work!

Vacation is great in theory. In practice, many of us find ourselves doing work, thinking about work or answering emails. That’s if we even manage to take time off. Last year, 41% of Americans didn’t even take a day for themselves, according to travel site Skift. But vacations are an essential break from the daily grind. “When you never unplug, you lose touch with yourself and what’s important to you, … [ more ]

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Inspiration to Launch Your Life (or Just Start Your Day)

It’s graduation season! Time for elected officials, former elected officials and Natalie Portman (at Harvard, her alma mater) to step up to the podium and inspire young people as they embark on the next chapter of their lives. But you don’t have to be a co-ed, or parent of one, to be so motivated this year. We asked our speakers, past and confirmed for this year, what they would say—but … [ more ]

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Podcast: Life is Not a Stress Rehearsal — with Loretta LaRoche

The complexities of modern day life and the perception of what we need to do in one day has shifted us from “human beings” into “human doings.” Listen to this engaging and entertaining 30-minute teleclass to learn valuable tools to help you “lighten up” and enjoy life more. Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

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