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What to Do about Gender Inequality in the Sciences?

By Christina Smedley, Vice President for Global Brand and Communications, PayPal   You’ve heard it before: there aren’t enough women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields. Computer science is an industry dominated by men. Female CEOs of Fortune 500 companies lag behind their counterparts by a 1:20 ratio. According to NPR, it hasn’t always been this way. In 1984, the percentage of women in computer science flattened, and then … [ more ]

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Best Reads for Staying on Top of Every Industry

Being in the know about news and trends is key to success in almost every field. In our first annual reading survey, 51% of respondents said that they read to stay up-to-date daily, while 33% said they read weekly, 11% said monthly and 5% said quarterly or infrequently. Here, in the spirit of collegial sharing, are the apps, blogs, newsfeeds, newsletters, periodicals, websites and writers recommended by survey respondents, and … [ more ]

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Negotiation Tips That Work for Women

Compared to men, women tend to be less successful at negotiating— especially compensation—not because we’re bad at it. But because “we simply don’t do it,” says Margaret Ann Neale, the Adams Distinguished Professor of Management at Stanford Graduate School of Business and author of Getting (More of) What You Want. “We’re socialized to want to be liked, and when we negotiate, we’re perceived as being demanding, greedy and not nice.” … [ more ]

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Small Attitude Changes, Big Money Impact

A fact of life they didn’t tell you middle school: You’ll likely be flying solo at some point during your retirement, if not at the start. “From the age of 65 to the end of life, most American women are single, and if they lost a partner, their standard of living drops,” says Kerry Hannon, a retirement and personal finance expert and author most recently of Love Your Job: The … [ more ]

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‘What I Learned from Evan Picone’

By Mary Beth Suhr, Senior Vice President, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management I began my career in financial services in the mid ‘80s. Those were the days when “pantyhose” were a dress code requirement. Evan Picone was my brand, and inside each package was a little card with an inspirational quote. I still carry three of these tattered cards inside my wallet and have drawn upon them over the past 25 … [ more ]

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Podcast: Take Control of Your Financial Future

If you’ve ever wished someone would just make the world of investing simple and understandable, this is the podcast for you. In 30 minutes, women’s investment expert Manisha Thakor will give you a powerful five-point framework that you can use to get started – or continue – investing. Listen or read the complete transcript below. Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

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