The 2019 Conference Center

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Serena Williams Speaks at the Keynote Luncheon

Gloria Steinem Speaks at the Keynote Luncheon

Storytellers Winners Announced by Laysha Ward

Amanda Southworth Speaks at the Keynote Luncheon


2019 Workplace Summit Sessions

How to Be Allies Without Fear – with W. Brad Johnson and David Smith

Building Trust & Navigating the Workplace After #MeToo – with Rachel Thomas, Amy Gallo, W. Brad Johnson and Lori Nishiura Mackenzie

Talking (and Listening) Constructively – with Celeste Headlee


Session I: 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Building Trust & Navigating the Workplace After #MeToowith Rachel Thomas, Amy Gallo, Wendy Pfeiffer, David Smith

Leading with Empathy: How to Be the Boss Without Losing Your Humanitywith Leah Weiss, Kim Scott, Carmen Villar, Mia Leondakis

Thinking in Bets: Avoid Emotional Decision-Making & Embrace Uncertaintywith Annie Duke

Mental Health Check-Upwith Kati Morton

Mind the Gap: Negotiation & Getting Paidwith Claire Wasserman, Brenda Dulger-Sheikin, Laurie Ruettimann, Ching Valdezco

Find Your Tribe: Building a Team of Mentorswith Dr. Ellen Ensher, Monique Lefors Edmundson, Sarah LaFleur, W. Brad Johnson

A Purpose-Driven Life: Creating Change from 9-to-5with Jennifer Dulski, Jean Case, Meena Harris, Leah McGowen-Hare

The Changing Meaning of Ambitionwith Morra Aarons-Mele, Hillary Frank, Tara MacCannell, Sheryl O’Loughlin

Budget for Lifewith Tiffany Aliche


Session II: 11:30 am – 12:30 pm

Radical Candor: Better Relationships at Work – with Kim Scott

Think Like a Founder: Your Questions on Entrepreneurship Answeredwith Ann Miura-Ko, Iris Choi, Claire Lee, Sarah LeFleur

How Women Rise: A Panel on Taking the Next Step in Your Careerwith Mary Abbajay, Julie Reese, Laurie Ruettimann, Julie Zhou

Managing Up: Achieve Success in the Workplace with Any Type of Bosswith Sally Helgesen, Marie Elizabeth Aloisi, Diane Doolittle, Claire Wasserman

The Introverted Leader: Building on Your Quiet Strengthwith Jennifer Kahnweiler, Morra Aarons-Mele, Jess Lee

How to Live Forever: Legacy and Longevitywith Marc Freedman

Burnout Recovery: End Exhaustion & Regain Your Sparkwith Leah Weiss, Kristin Wong, Yunha Kim, Ali Stripling

Welcome to the Juggle: Fitting Career & Caregiving Togetherwith Hillary Frank, Joy Cho, Sara Mauskopf, Hayley Tabor

Choose Wonder Over Worry: Moving Beyond Fearwith Amber Rae


Session III: 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Build It, Be It: How to Create a Powerful Personal Brand Onlinewith Amanda Healy

ENCORE: Choose Wonder Over Worry: Moving Beyond Fearwith Amber Rae

Influence: Leadership That Changes Mindswith Tali Sharot

How Women Rise: Break the Twelve Habits Holding You Back from Your Next Raise, Promotion or Jobwith Sally Helgesen

ENCORE: Budget for Lifewith Tiffany Aliche

Pioneering Equity & Diversity in Your Organizationwith Tiffany Jana, Lauren Aguilar, Susan Schmitt, Lily Zheng

How to Be Heard: Effective Communication for Career Advancementwith Charmaine McClarie

The Future of Work: Thriving in the Gig Economywith Marion McGovern, Zoe Harte, Naomi Mulgrave, Kristin Wong


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