2019 Session | Encore: Choose Wonder Over Worry: Moving Beyond Fear

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Worry. Fear. Doubt. It can stifle a dream, hinder a relationship, or bring your life and career to a halt. But while we often think fear is a challenge to overcome, what if instead it’s an ally on the path to unlocking our full potential? Author, speaker, and artist Amber Rae urges us to “choose wonder” as we embrace discomfort, and shares with us a unique approach for understanding the hidden meaning in our emotions: by dialoguing with them. This session will guide you to reframe your relationship to emotions like anxiety, fear, stress, imposter syndrome, and envy. You will leave with strategies for both your life and work, so that you can be the best you.

Speaker: Amber Rae, author, Choose Wonder Over Worry

Emcee: Edward Yardumian, senior vice president of product development engineering, Dell


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