2019 Session | The Future of Work: Thriving in the Gig Economy

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The rise of the gig economy has brought new complexity–and opportunities–to the world of work. Many people are finding that short term contracts can develop their skill sets, build their professional networks, position them for a career pivot, and give them freedom to work how and when they want. But being your own boss isn’t for the faint of heart. This panel discussion is for those who are interested in learning how flexible work can accelerate their career, are considering contract-type work within their current company, or manage businesses that could benefit from this resource.

Speaker: Marion McGovern, author, Thriving in the Gig Economy

⚬  Zoe Harte, vice president, human resources, Upwork
⚬  Naomi Mulgrave, vice president, strategic solutions, Prudential
⚬  Kristin Wong, author, Get Money, and co-host, The Recovering Workaholics

Emcee: Leigh Wasson, senior wealth director, BNY Mellon Wealth Management


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