Gloria Steinem, at 84, Says She Is Seeing More Support for Women’s Rights Than Ever Before

2019 Keynote Speaker Gloria SteinemIt’s hard to imagine anyone better than the indomitable Gloria Steinem to reflect on the current state of women in America. She’s been the foremost champion, and most recognizable face, of women’s issues for 50 years.

At 84, here’s what she had to say last month at the 2019 Watermark Conference for Women about women’s movements in the U.S. and around the world now being stronger than they have ever been.

“For the first time, in my lifetime, we have majority support for all the basic issues that the women’s movement has cared about historically and that we look forward to,” said Steinem.

But, she added, that has led to huge opposition from the third of the country that does not agree with equal rights for women.

So, what’s next?

“It is right now that we most need to come together as we are together today and learn with all five senses in the way that only full presence can do,” she said.

Steinem also spoke with former NPR host Celeste Headlee. Here are a few highlights:

Headlee: “What advice do you have for dealing with the kind of negativity and abuse thatgets heaped on a lot of women who are public figures now?”  

Celeste Headlee & Gloria Steinem

Celeste Headlee & Gloria Steinem

Steinem: “Well, I would say that part of it is just to understand it’s kind of a compliment because it’s saying you have power, you know. It’s taken me all this time to learn what to say when people call me a bitch: Thank you.”

Headlee: “Do you think that the most difficult battle for women, at this point, is in the office or at home?”

Steinem: “Well, I think we have to listen to each woman because I don’t know the answer. But I fear sometimes that there has been more revolution at the office than at home. Really, until men are raising children as much as women—until men are equal in the home—women are not going to be equal outside the home.”

Watch a clip of Gloria Steinem, and listen to all the breakout sessions, at the 2019 Watermark Conference for Women here.


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