2019 Session | Find Your Tribe: Building a Team of Mentors

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Do you have a mentor? As transformative as a career advisor can be, one mentor is not enough. You need multiple mentors with separate areas of expertise to support you throughout your multifaceted career journey. This panel of mentors and proteges will talk about assembling your personal board of advisors. If you are looking for a mentor, already have one, or are open to the benefits of multiple advisors, join this conversation for actionable advice on connecting professionally, maintaining relationships, and getting the most out of your network of mentors.

Thought Leader: Dr. Ellen Ensher, professor of management, Loyola Marymount University, and co-author, Power Mentoring

⚬  Monique Lefors Edmundson, director of IT, integrated digital experience for customers and partners, Cisco
⚬  Sarah LaFleur, founder, MM.LaFleur
⚬  W. Brad Johnson, clinical psychologist, professor of psychology in the Department of Leadership, Ethics, and Law, United States Naval Academy, faculty associate, Johns Hopkins University and co-author, Athena Rising

Emcee: Dena A. House, senior director, organizational development, learning and human resources, Myriad Women’s Health


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