2019 Session | Leading with Empathy: How to Be the Boss Without Losing Your Humanity

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As a leader, your role is to guide your team to achieve results. But in the pursuit of excellence, many undervalue the impact and importance of empathy. In this conversation, learn how bringing your humanity to work can have a significant impact on your career, your team, and even diversity and inclusion in our workplaces. Executive leaders will offer advice to help you balance being empathetic with being decisive and share practical tips for becoming a better boss, colleague, and collaborator.

Thought Leader: Kim Scott, co-founder, Radical Candor, LLC., and author, Radical Candor

⚬  Mia Leondakis, vice president of business transformation and automation, VMware
⚬  Carmen Villar, vice president, office of social business innovation, Merck
⚬  Leah Weiss, researcher, lecturer,  and author, How We Work

Emcee: Vicki Mealer-Burke, vice president & chief diversity officer, Qualcomm


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