2019 Session | Burnout Recovery: End Exhaustion & Regain Your Spark

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You know the feeling: You eat lunch at your desk, but are still drowning under your workload. You de-prioritize friends and fun, but the demands on your time keep stacking up. You live to work, but aren’t feeling creative or even productive. You are burned out, and it is not sustainable or beneficial for anyone. How do you stop before it really affects your job and overall happiness? Come learn from women who have studied and experienced burnout firsthand about what it takes to break the cycle, make essential lifestyle changes, and find inspiration and meaning again.

Thought Leader: Leah Weiss, researcher, lecturer,  and author, How We Work

Panelists: brought to you by Arm @arm
⚬  Kristin Wong, author, Get Money, and co-host, The Recovering Workaholics
⚬  Yunha Kim, founder and CEO, Simple Habit
⚬ Ali Stripling, senior manager, community & inclusion, Arm

Emcee: Jennifer Adams, CEO & founder, Jennifer Adams Brands


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