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Podcast: Take Control of Your Financial Future

Manisha Thakor

If you’ve ever wished someone would just make the world of investing simple and understandable, this is the podcast for you. In 30 minutes, women’s investment expert Manisha Thakor will give you a powerful five-point framework that you can use to get started – or continue – investing. Listen or read the complete transcript below. Read More


Free Teleclass: Take Control of Your Financial Future

Manisha ThakorTake Control of Your Financial Future
Tuesday, May 19, 2015
10:00-10:30am PDT

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A Modern Girl’s Guide to Personal Finance: The Five Investment Decisions That Can Make (or Break!) Your Portfolio

Listen to a complete audio recording of this 2015 breakout session below.

Do you ever wish someone would just make the world of investing simple and understandable? Financial expert Manisha Thakor will do just that. Together you will explore:
• How and why driving in the “right lane” of Wall Street can be such a powerful investment strategy;
• A simple rule of thumb for how to allocate your hard-earned savings among stocks, bonds and cash;
• Why diversification is so important and what it really means to “not put all your eggs in one investment basket”;
• The (often ugly) truth about fees — both for financial advice and investment products — and how to protect yourself from their corrosive effect; and
• The one question 99 percent of financial advisers are hoping you will never, ever ask. Read More


5 Big Money Decisions Made Easy

Manisha ThakorEven people who like math can struggle with major financial decisions. “The problem is that many of us don’t have a simple mental framework for how to allocate our income, and absent it, we can’t tell if we’re going off the reservation,” says Manisha Thakor, director of wealth strategies for women at The BAM Alliance and co-author of On My Own Two Feet: A Modern Girl’s Guide to Personal Finance. She recommends putting 50% of your paycheck toward needs, 30% toward wants and 20% toward savings—a plan first suggested over 20 years ago by now-Senator Elizabeth Warren. Here, Thakor’s just-as-easy-to-comprehend take on five big money questions. Read More

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