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Negotiating to Get (More of) What You Want

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According to Margaret Neale, “Negotiation is not about getting to yes or simply getting an agreement; it’s about getting a good agreement.” Research shows that in many ways women are wise to think twice before asking, as their negotiation attempts are judged more harshly than those of their male counterparts. Stanford Business Professor Maggie Neale leads this session, clarifying the gendered expectations women face and offering solutions for success. When viewed as problem solving, negotiation moves from being a win-lose game to one of mutual benefit. Neale will highlight cases where women can use negotiation to their advantage. Together you will learn to use insights to help you negotiate and advise others — subordinates and peers — on ways to achieve more of what you (and they) want. Read More

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Building Meaningful Connections

Having a strong network is a critical element to career success. Yet most of us do not spend the same amount of time nor build the same type of network as men. This directly impacts our ability to be successful in our roles. Women with a strong network are more likely to ask for help in closing a business deal and landing a job or new role. Join Marilyn Nagel, CEO of Ready-Aim-Aspire, a transformative coaching company, for a workshop to examine, evaluate and develop a plan to enhance your network. This exchange session includes critical tactics for growing your network and ways to use networking to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Speaker: Marilyn Nagel, CEO, Watermark

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How to Become the Social Entrepreneur of Your Life: Doing Well By Doing Good

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Are you passionate about changing the world? Are you looking for ways to channel your innovation and impact change? Are you eager to make a difference in your community and around the globe beyond your day job? This session will offer you the practical how-to advice and the inspiration to make your mark and have a positive social impact around the issues and causes close to your heart. Whether you are looking to volunteer or get involved, seeking ways to drive social responsibility within your organization or start a socially entrepreneurial endeavor, this session is for you. With pioneers from the front lines, this dynamic discussion will illustrate the incredibly powerful aggregate social impact that can happen when we all do our part to make the world a better place. Read More

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ENCORE: How to Use Body Language to Influence Human Behavior and Enhance Your Presence

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Effective application of rapport building and people-reading skills are essential to succeed in today’s world. Leaders with presence have the ability to influence others through interpersonal relationships, are open to meeting new people, can establish rapport and can find a way to connect with others. Award-winning “human lie detector” and communications expert Janine Driver will help you better understand the impact of your nonverbal and verbal communications on others. Through use of her cutting-edge new body language strategies, you will learn how to read others’ hidden emotions and build better relationships to ultimately enhance your presence, improve your business impact and expand your networks both in the workplace and in life. Read More

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30 Days to a Better Brain: Tips for Improving Your Memory, Concentration, Mood and Overall Well-Being

When it comes to aging, most of us understand how to keep our bodies healthy and fit, but few of us know where to begin when it comes to taking care of our brains. Do you want to improve your memory, sharpen your thinking, increase your attention span and boost your mental energy? Attend this session and learn healthy living tips, step-by-step exercises, recipes and a thirty-day program for maximizing your brain function and achieving optimal brain health. Synthesizing the cognitive science behind memory, sleep, stress and addiction, Dr. Richard Carmona, the 17th U.S. surgeon general and Canyon Ranch vice chairman, offers you a guide to caring for your brain, whether you’re approaching your elder years or still in your quarter-life crisis. Read More

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Transitions and Risk Taking: Lessons Learned While Becoming Brave

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Are you looking to start a second career but nervous about what to do? Have you been in finance for a decade and are scared to change industries but desperately need a change? Do you want to retire but fear the uncertainty of the extra hours in a day? Are you scared to leave the stability of corporate America to fulfill your inner entrepreneur? Have you taken years off to care for your family and worry about re-entering and managing the demands of a fast-paced workplace? Are you scared of heights but desperately want to rock climb? Taking risks and stepping outside of your comfort zone can be stressful, challenging and downright scary! Fear isn’t an end point, though; it’s a point of entry to a life of incomparable joy. Join this panel of leaders who will share their real-life experiences to help you navigate your fears and find your life calling. Together we will share their experiences and lessons learned while becoming brave. Attendees will leave with practical advice for overcoming their fears, taking risks and successfully taking the plunge and making a transition personally or professionally. Read More

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A Modern Girl’s Guide to Personal Finance: The Five Investment Decisions That Can Make (or Break!) Your Portfolio

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Do you ever wish someone would just make the world of investing simple and understandable? Financial expert Manisha Thakor will do just that. Together you will explore:
• How and why driving in the “right lane” of Wall Street can be such a powerful investment strategy;
• A simple rule of thumb for how to allocate your hard-earned savings among stocks, bonds and cash;
• Why diversification is so important and what it really means to “not put all your eggs in one investment basket”;
• The (often ugly) truth about fees — both for financial advice and investment products — and how to protect yourself from their corrosive effect; and
• The one question 99 percent of financial advisers are hoping you will never, ever ask. Read More

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Secrets for Winning at Work: The Handbook for Emerging Professionals and Career Success

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It’s not easy to enter the workforce today. For the first time in history, four generations are sharing the workplace — and sometimes it feels like they are living in four different worlds. Designed for millennials and newer professionals entering or re-entering the workforce, this session will help you navigate the workforce and build a meaningful career. Featuring generations relations and leadership expert Lisa Orrell, this session will offer practical advice to help you create a personal action plan for career success. Read More

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Strategize to Win: The New Way to Start Out, Step Up or Start Over in Your Career

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Whether we’re starting out, striving toward a promotion, or looking for a new opportunity, the working world isn’t what it used to be. Wall Street veteran Carla Harris knows this, and will offer you the tools you need to get started, get “unstuck” from bad situations, redirect momentum and position yourself to manage your career no matter the environment. With her trademark galvanizing advice, Harris will clarify issues that are often murky and help you to: Read More

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ENCORE: Courageous Innovation™: Innovating in Your Organization, Your Team and Your Career

How do some companies innovate quickly and easily while others struggle with slow-moving decisions and missed market opportunities? After over 5,000 interviews across organizations in all industries and from around the globe, results reveal the defining characteristic of successfully innovating cultures is courage. How do organizations create courageous cultures and ignite the innovation within teams? How do we as leaders create courageous innovation within our work groups and our own careers? We’ll explore the answer to these questions and others through this provocative session with women who have created innovation both within their organizations and in their careers. Read More

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