Maya Strelar-Migotti

2018 Session | Your Age Is an Asset: Making Your Experience Count in a Career Transition

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If you are dreaming of a mid-career re-launch or are job hunting for the first time in a while, you age may seem more like a limiting factor. But your experience is not a liability, and there is no age restriction on your success. Join author Wendy Sachs and a panel of pivoting experts for a discussion about embracing your power and ambition at any stage in your career. Participants will leave this session with new ideas on how to use your unique professional and interpersonal skills to overcome self-imposed barriers. Read More


ENCORE | Bounce: Refresh Your Approach to Breaking Through

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Being passed over for that promotion or new opportunity remains a challenge, especially for women. Setbacks are part of the journey.  We all need to learn how to stop, drop and roll during tough times and to make choices that keep us moving forward. Develop your grit and tenacity and bounce back stronger and more confident than ever. Join leadership expert Grace Killelea for stories, inspiration and tips to help you break through. Read More


Propelling Your Career Growth: Top Tips From Ericsson’s Superwomen

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Women face unique challenges in the workplace as they advance the ranks — different from their male counterparts. Women also bring very unique skills and invaluable superpowers to the leadership table. Meet Ericsson’s superwomen and learn from their real-life experiences about the key issues they faced at all stages of their career. Drawing on their personal journeys, this dynamic session will focus on understanding self-image, realizing the goal focus, defining the significance of relationships and examining the orientation with your community at each stage of career development. Spanning all generations and skill levels, participants will explore the many extraordinary talents successful women rely on throughout their career and learn how to evolve your superpowers as your world changes. Read More


A Modern Girl’s Guide to Personal Finance: The Five Investment Decisions That Can Make (or Break!) Your Portfolio

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Do you ever wish someone would just make the world of investing simple and understandable? Financial expert Manisha Thakor will do just that. Together you will explore:
• How and why driving in the “right lane” of Wall Street can be such a powerful investment strategy;
• A simple rule of thumb for how to allocate your hard-earned savings among stocks, bonds and cash;
• Why diversification is so important and what it really means to “not put all your eggs in one investment basket”;
• The (often ugly) truth about fees — both for financial advice and investment products — and how to protect yourself from their corrosive effect; and
• The one question 99 percent of financial advisers are hoping you will never, ever ask. Read More

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