2018 Session | Your Age Is an Asset: Making Your Experience Count in a Career Transition

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If you are dreaming of a mid-career re-launch or are job hunting for the first time in a while, you age may seem more like a limiting factor. But your experience is not a liability, and there is no age restriction on your success. Join author Wendy Sachs and a panel of pivoting experts for a discussion about embracing your power and ambition at any stage in your career. Participants will leave this session with new ideas on how to use your unique professional and interpersonal skills to overcome self-imposed barriers.

Thought Leader: Wendy Sachs, author of Fearless and Free: How Smart Women Pivot and Relaunch Their Careers

⚬  Bridget Bisnette, vice president global commercial sales and channels, Riverbed
⚬  Lisa Skeete Tatum, founder and CEO, Landit
⚬  Robin Wolaner, COO, We Care Solar

Emcee: Maya Strelar-Migotti, director, GoldenSeeds

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