Effective Allies (POE)

CAREER ADVANCEMENT: Designed for the mid/senior level professional with significant experience looking for advice around professional skills and job advancement
Session III: 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

When leaders use their power, position and privilege to advocate for marginalized people, everyone wins, including them. But being an effective ally at work means more than being empathic and compassionate. It’s a continual process of curiosity, courage, and introspection that results in behavior change that is inclusionary. Rachana Bhide, journalist and founder of “The Corner of The Court,” shares her research and strategies for intersectional allyship. She then leads a discussion with a panel of experts on how individuals and organizations can overcome reluctance to allyship and become agents of change in creating more equitable organizations.

Thought leader: Rachana Bhide, Bloomberg Radio London anchor and founder and editor, Corner of the Court Project


Emcee: La Treece Butler-Morton, director, product lifecycle operations, VMware


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