Ray Arata

2020 Speaker

RAY ARATA is the founder of the Better Man Conference, a one-day event with resources, support, and community to engage men as allies in creating an inclusive culture. Arata brings his twenty years of healthy masculinity work with men on how to live and lead from the heart to the very relevant topic of enlisting the engagement of men to support gender equality. He brings a unique and much needed experiential point of view that supports organizations in meeting men where they are and guiding them on an inclusionary leadership journey where women, the organization, and men all win. As a co-founder of The Inclusionary Leadership Group, Arata is committed to the transformation of the gender perspective from which organizations engage with all stakeholder groups. He is the author of Wake Up Man Up Step Up and is very excited about his upcoming book, Heart based Leadership: The Journey of Becoming an Ally due out in 2020. @rayarata

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