Unlock the Potential of Women Through Coaching

By Karen Lai, Director of Client Partnerships, BetterUp

This year’s International Women’s Day theme—“Press for Progress”—is a call for collective action to accelerate gender parity. BetterUp is partnering with Watermark to help create momentum for change by making professional coaching accessible to women at all levels.

Typically, executive coaching is reserved for the top levels of leadership, where women are significantly underrepresented. Research shows that inequality starts at the very first promotion, and widens at every following step. This partnership is centered on the belief that empowering women with coaching much earlier in their careers can help achieve that first promotion and continued advancement into the leadership pipeline.

How Coaching Helps Women

Each of us experiences workplace challenges differently, so a “one size fits all” approach to development isn’t effective for driving sustainable change. Coaching provides a highly personalized and ongoing relationship that is tailored to your goals, meets you where you are and evolves with you. Here are five challenges women often face and how a coach can offer support:

1.     Navigating bias A coach can help you build skills necessary to recognize and interrupt it.

2.     Addressing the “likeability penalty” With coaching, you can focus on your competence and strengths rather than your likability.

3.     Managing work-life fit Clarifying your values will help you navigate difficult decision-making. A coach can guide you as well as help you build skills to negotiate a successful outcome.

4.     Overcoming imposter syndrome Quieting your inner critic will become second nature with a coach, who will teach you to build self-compassion and see your own potential.

5.     Bringing your authentic self to work A coach can help you recognize and lean into your uniqueness and connect your purpose to work.

How Coaching Can Empower

Coaching is often used as a solution for performance improvement or when a woman receives feedback about her lack of executive presence. BetterUp’s philosophy for coaching is one of empowerment, not remediation. With a model grounded in behavioral and organizational psychology, BetterUp coaches focus on developing the behaviors, mindsets and skills that drive lasting change. Your coach will partner with you to:

  • Realize your potential by guiding you through a journey to identify your values, strengths and passions so you can envision the impact you want to make.
  • Develop new skills and habits by practicing and debriefing with you and holding you accountable.
  • Grow through challenges by teaching you how to turn barriers and challenges into learning opportunities for problem solving, relationship-building or influencing.
  • Thrive personally and professionally by helping you build the inner resources, such as focus, resilience and growth mindset, needed to drive your ability to learn, adapt and sustain performance.

Learn how you can get started with a BetterUp coach.

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