Tara Arvedson

2019 Session | How Women Rise: A Panel on Taking the Next Step in Your Career

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Whether climbing the corporate ladder or striking out on your own as an entrepreneur, the very skills and habits that made you successful early on could actually be holding you back as you advance to the next stage of your working life. We often hear the phrase, “what got you here won’t get you there,” but less frequently hear what it takes in management style or leadership methods to move forward. Come learn from this panel of successful women about their career trajectories: what drove their advancement early on, what slowed them down, and what ultimately contributed to their rise through the ranks. Leadership expert Sally Helgesen will lead the conversation, identifying specific behaviors that may keep you from your goals and real solutions for realizing your full potential, no matter what stage in your career. Read More


2018 Session | Radical Honesty: ​How to Tell the Truth (Even When No One Wants to Hear It)

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Even if you believe that honesty is the best policy, we don’t always say what we really mean, especially in the workplace. Talking openly about issues and challenges can go against our desire to be nice and make one another feel good. When Patty McCord was the chief talent officer at Netflix, she co-authored the company’s famous “culture deck,” which spelled out her vision for creating a company culture that hinges on employees behaving like, and being treated as, adults. Part of being an adult is being able to hear and tell the truth. In this workshop, the author of Powerful Building a Culture of Freedom and Responsibility explains why radical honesty is the only way to ensure that you are trusted and understood. Participants will learn about different styles of delivery, systems for offering feedback, and how leaders can model key behavior like admitting fault.  Read More


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