Nikki Medoro

2019 Session | How to Live Forever: Legacy and Longevity

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Today, there are more Americans over 60 than there are under 18. We are living longer, and with increased longevity comes new opportunities to have a meaningful impact on the world. In this workshop, social entrepreneur Marc Freedman will explore the possibilities that come when we know life is long, but time is short. Whether you are considering a second act career at midlife or the impact you can have in retirement, join this conversation to plot your course forward and shift your perspective on fulfillment, connection, and building your legacy. Read More


2018 Session | The Balance Quest: Building a Life That Works for You

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“Having it all” has become the subject of much debate with passions running high in all directions. And with such a wide spectrum of priorities, workloads, and resources, it is impossible to define “life balance” for all women. But what if the equation was different altogether? What if there was a recipe for giving you more time to do what is important to you? Time management expert Laura Vanderkam will share strategies that may make a difference between just hanging on and possibly feeling like you are “having it all.” Read More


Investing in Your Future, Starting Today

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No matter how much you have, there is always room to make better decisions with your money – whether for your savings, 401k, IRA or other investment plan. Join Kathryn, who walked away from a Wall Street salary to start, for a dynamic look at what you should be considering now to make your money last in the future. Kathryn, with her insights and humor will make the mundane come to life so that you can confidently know the key steps to make better financial planning decisions. Read More

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