Mary Ann Bianco

2018 Session | Play Big: How to Go All Out, Beat the Odds, and Be Limitless in Life

Click Play below to listen to this session from the 2018 conference. What limits–self-imposed or from others–are holding you back? At 5’2” and 130 lbs, Dr. Jen Welter broke the mold by playing professional football and becoming the first female NFL coach. In this workshop, she talks about how perceived shortcomings might also be strengths and how a winning mindset and reputation can help you win the game. Participants will … [ more ]

Harness Resilience to Catapult Your Career

Click Play below to listen to this session from the 2017 conference. Today’s professionals face more stresses and strains than ever before – financial crisis, professional inequities and even global challenges. What if you could embrace life’s challenges, using them to catapult yourself forward? Join global leadership and Transformative Resilience expert, Ama Marston as she presents key characteristics and tools to enable you to cultivate your ability to adapt, continually … [ more ]