Leila Janah

Podcast | How to Handle Criticism Like a Pro

Click Play below to listen. Whether you are building a start-up, selling products in the field or presenting to a team of management, you have to put yourself out there—and that means opening yourself up to possibly harsh feedback and rejection. In this 30-minute discussion, award-winning social entrepreneur Leila Janah shares her experiences and offer her techniques for • working through adversity • weathering criticism • using it as a tool for growth • and ultimately … [ more ]

Free Teleclass | How to Handle Criticism Like a Pro

How to Handle Criticism Like a Pro Tuesday, September 27, 2016 10:00-10:30am Pacific

Leila Janah and Pattie Sellers at the 2016 Watermark Conference for Women

A Conversation on “Leadership, Innovation and Changing the World” featuring Leila Janah, CEO, Sama and Laxmi and award-winning social entrepreneur, and Pattie Sellers, accomplished journalist and assistant managing editor, Fortune.