Laysha Ward

2019 Session | A Purpose-Driven Life: Creating Change from 9-to-5

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Whether you work at a startup or a non-profit, for a large corporate or for yourself, turning your personal mission into your purpose at work can lead to great change in your life and in the world. Purpose can be found in any position because it’s not about your job title, it’s about your approach to your work. Jennifer Dulski, former president and COO of, leads this panel of changemakers as they consider integrating your personal mission, authenticity, passion, and giving back into your career and life. They share what they have learned about driving change–even if you aren’t in charge of policy–by creating a clear vision, identifying your story, inspiring supporters, and persuading decision makers. Read More


Storytellers Contest Winners Announced at the 2019 Watermark Conference for Women

Laysha Ward, EVP & chief external engagement officer at Target, introduces the winners of our Storytellers contest in front of a sold-out crowd of thousands during the Watermark Conference for Women on February 22, 2019.
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