Jill Abramson

Breaking Through: How to Overcome Fears, Inertia, Gender Bias and Other Obstacles

Listen to a complete audio recording of this 2015 breakout session below. What holds women back and why? While we’ve made great strides in achieving positions of leadership in many fields, we still lag behind our male peers for several reasons. This session will explore those reasons, including the barriers we may be unknowingly placing on ourselves. In this candid discussion featuring women who’ve experienced many types of barriers and … [ more ]

Kara Swisher with Jill Abramson, Rosalind Hudnell & Jessica Herrin at the 2015 Lead On Conference

““We’re going to talk about lady things, like leadership and taking over the world in 2016.” — Tech commentator and entrepreneur Kara Swisher moderated a keynote panel discussion featuring Jill Abramson (first woman to serve as Washington bureau chief, managing editor and executive editor of The New York Times), Rosalind L. Hudnell (vice president, human resources and chief diversity officer for Intel Corporation), and Jessica Herrin (CEO and founder of … [ more ]

Job Stress SOS: Solutions from a Top Manager

Having worked for nearly two decades at the New York Times, where deadlines are constant and accuracy is paramount, Jill Abramson knows stress. The former executive editor’s threshold for it is probably higher than it is for most; she’s the first woman to lead the “newspaper of record”—and her abrupt dismissal was controversial.  But as a journalist and top manager, Abramson has felt or seen it all, from the strain … [ more ]