Hayley Tabor

2019 Session | Welcome to the Juggle: Fitting Career & Caregiving Together

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Achieving balance between your work and your family may be an unrealistic goal. If you are seeking balance, life becomes a zero-sum game with work on one end of the scale and your personal life on the other. It’s time to stop striving for balance and to start rethinking the whole career and family equation. Join this panel of professionals who are caregivers–of children, of adult relatives, and of multiple generations–as they demystify the juggle of fitting work and family into your life.  They will explore managing your life and finding the flexibility that both men and women, parents and the childless alike, need to enhance work performance and overall happiness. Read More


2018 Session | Are You Ready to Be Self Made?

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Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Being self-made is not just about the potential for financial independence, but financial empowerment is where it begins. It means getting out of survival mode, where you are one problem away from catastrophe. It means changing your mindset from instant gratification to goal orientation. It means being able to sleep at night without worry. How do you get there? Nely Galán will share her story and research from interviewing hundreds of self-made women to find out what it takes. Come learn how to not only become self-made but to inspire change in those around you! Read More


Leadership Now: The Transformative Power of Being Yourself

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What are today’s key leadership traits – inclusion, disruption, empowerment, mentorship, resilience? How do you best inspire others to follow your lead? This panel of experts, led by noted researcher, consultant and author, Charlene Li will share the unique leadership traits that helped them stand out in challenging environments and become the influential leaders they are today. Learn how authenticity, credibility, emotional resolve and confidence will help you find your voice, improve your leadership skills and positively impact others. Read More


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