Carin Taylor

Talking About My Generation: Communicating in an Age-Diverse Workplace | 2020 Session

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Have you ever been frustrated after a conversation with a coworker, with your boss, or with someone who reports to you from another generation? Join this hands-on workshop to expand your interpersonal toolkit and learn essential generational-specific communication tips. Building off her research on managing and communicating effectively across diverse teams, Dr. Candace Steele Flippin a communications expert and a leading researcher on generations in the workforce, shares in-depth insights that will improve your ability to connect with and understand Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z.

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Recovering Perfectionists | 2020 Session

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Many of us are so busy chasing perfectionism, we forget to enjoy the everyday moments—imagining that happiness will come at some elusive time in the future. In this session, happiness expert Nataly Kogan and a panel of experts will share simple strategies for how to experience more joy, recognize when a change is needed, find contentment and have greater resilience when times get tough. You will learn how to escape the perfectionism trap and boost your emotional immune system so that you can reconnect to a sense of purpose and be happier today.

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Unconscious Bias: Addressing the Gap in Yourself and Your Company

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The stats are staggering and while we have taken steps in the right direction, progress remains slow. Impacting real change will require a top down and bottom up approach. The most effective leaders navigate highly diverse teams, being aware of any unconscious bias – all with an eye toward equity and profitability. Using real-world examples from workplaces who are making strides, this interactive discussion will explore what leaders at all levels can do to contribute to the overall movement including: Read More


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