Annie Duke

2019 Session | Thinking in Bets: Avoid Emotional Decision-Making & Embrace Uncertainty

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Do you know when to cut your losses? In poker and throughout our lives, we are more successful when we maximize the time spent in favorable situations and minimize time in unfavorable ones. But many are too quick to quit when they are winning, and others refuse to walk away from a losing game. Former World Series of Poker champion turned business consultant Annie Duke lives with uncertainty, and has found that the key to long-term success is to think in bets. In this workshop, she examines how the interaction of many cognitive biases can cause us to miss good opportunities and continue on when the odds are against us. She shares her strategies to avoid these decision-making pitfalls and learn to take a longer term view. By shifting your perspective and embracing uncertainty, you will start accurately assessing what you know and what you don’t, improving your decision-making abilities in the office, in your career, and at home. Read More


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