Ana Corrales

2018 Session | What’s Next: Life After High School

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Your high school years are formative in every sense—academic, social, spiritual, and emotional—but the choices you make after graduation will build the foundation for your career and your adult life. So what’s next? During this session, we will explore higher education, internships and other career starters, relationships, first apartments, and more milestones on the road to adulthood. Participants will leave this session with new ideas about how to make the most of their twenties and beyond. Read More


Inclusive Leadership as a Competitive Advantage

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The world of work is changing rapidly, where organizations are global, hyperconnected, less hierarchical and ideas can come from anywhere. Great leadership is critical to effectively navigating this ever-evolving landscape, and inclusive leadership has the power to drive competitive advantage. Learn how to leverage your diverse perspective along with that of those in your organization, to role-model inclusive behaviors and enable collaboration, driving greater employee engagement, innovation and ultimately business impact. Read More


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