Making the Most of Networking

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Productive networking is not just about who you meet but how you use those interactions to create connections, find multi-generational mentors and create sponsorship to promote your goals. This can prove to be critical whether you are climbing the corporate ladder, building your start-up or determining your next move. A recent Wharton study shows mentors are promoted 6x more, mentees 5x more and retention rates are 20% higher versus non-mentees/mentors. The experts in this dynamic session share secrets to successful networking, to help you create lasting mentee/mentor relationships that will work for you and accelerate your career.

Thought Leader:

Julie Kantor, founder and CEO, TwoMentor and chair, Global Women in STEM 


Erica Dhawan, CEO of Cotential and author of Get Big Things Done: The Power of Connectional Intelligence
Brooke Morin, community outreach director, Levo
Lisa Smith-Strother, senior director & global head, employer branding and diversity talent acquisition, Ericsson


Madhu Ranganathan, board member, Watermark


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