An HR Executive’s Take on Women in Silicon Valley

Tamar ElkelesHelping employees realize their full potential isn’t just the job of Quixey’s Chief People Officer Tamar Elkeles—it’s also her passion. Empowering women in their careers is just one reason why Tamar embraces the Watermark Conference for Women: “It’s an outstanding opportunity for Quixey to enable the women in our organization to network, collaborate and learn from each other,  as well as other women in the technology industry,” says Elkeles, co-author of The Chief Learning Officer: Driving Value within a Changing Organization through Learning and Development and former chief learning officer at Qualcomm, where she built an award-winning learning organization. Here are her thoughts on how to help women rise to the top.

Putting a Priority on Women in the Workplace

“It’s our responsibility as employers to ensure that all workers have opportunities for career growth and development. Women as well as men need exposure to career-enhancing developmental experiences and programs that enable them to increase their impact on an organization. That said, unfortunately in the tech industry, women are underrepresented in leadership roles. Companies need to focus on advancing women to senior positions, providing them with opportunities to serve as mentors and role models for other women in the workplace.”

The Importance of Expanding Your Network

“Women—and men—benefit from mentors within, as well as outside, an organization. The Watermark Conference for Women provides excellent opportunities for women leaders to leverage their shared experiences with other women in the Silicon Valley, building effective mentoring relationships for the future.”

The Biggest Problem Facing Women Executives

“The biggest problem facing women executives is the focus put on ‘women’ and not ‘executives.’ Overall, as executives we are more the same than we are different. We need to minimize the focus on differences and instead look for ways to emphasize what we all have in common, regardless of gender.”

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