We Asked Nely Galán: How Do You Achieve Work-Life Balance?

“Work-life balance is different at each stage of your life. Honestly, I don’t believe it exists when you’re young, working multiple jobs, creating side hustles, figuring out your mission and money—and you have the energy and life force to do all of this.

“For me, work-life balance didn’t exist until my 40s, after my years of exploration and achievement—and so to speak ‘landing the plane.’ To cut down on my commuting time, I moved my company offices to the two cottages next door to my house, which I owned and had been renting out. This changed my life! Sweatpants became my best friend, I got to the office earlier so I finished earlier, and most importantly, I had more quality time with my son. I saw him every day when he came home from school.

“Work-life balance looks different for each of us, and being self-made means having the flexibility and ability to design your life the way you want. Thank God—and my real estate mentor Elaine!—that I invested in those cottages. It’s why I always say, ‘Don’t buy shoes, buy buildings.’”

Nely Galán, owner of Galán Entertainment, former president of Telemundo and New York Times best-selling author of Self Made: Becoming Empowered, Self-Reliant, and Rich in Every Which Way, will be speaking at the Watermark Conference for Women on February 23, 2018.

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