ENCORE: The Myth of the Nice Girl (W)

CAREER ADVANCEMENT TRACK: Designed for the mid/senior level professional with significant experience looking for advice around professional skills and job advancement
Session III: 3:00 – 4:00 pm

Even in 2020, we continue to grapple with a double-edged sword around women’s “niceness” in the business world. If women are nice, they are seen as weak and ineffective. But if they are tough, they are labeled some other things. This is the perfect session for those trying to navigate complex relationships at work while staying kind and respectful of others. Explore how women can reclaim “nice” and sidestep regressive stereotypes about what a strong leader looks like. Sharing her time-tested strategies, Fran Hauser will prove that women don’t have to sacrifice their values or hide their authentic personalities to be successful. Join her to explore how to balance being empathetic and decisive; ask for what you want; and lead with kindness, empathy, and strength.

Speaker: Fran Hauser, media executive, startup investor, and author, The Myth of the Nice Girl


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