How to Raise Successful People (W)

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: Offering advice for maximizing your relationships and reaching your personal goals outside of the workplace
Session I: 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Esther Wojcicki is famous for three things: teaching a high school class that has changed the lives of thousands, inspiring legends like Steve Jobs, and raising highly successful daughters, including a doctor and Silicon Valley CEOs. In this workshop, she shares her secrets for raising successful people. Her methods are rooted in trust, respect, independence, collaboration, and kindness: simple lessons with radical results. She discusses how to stop helicopter parenting and start raising, educating, and managing young people to their highest potential. 

Speaker: Esther Wojcicki, educator and author, How to Raise Successful People for Radical Results

Emcee: Sondra Harding, senior director, corporate communications, Shutterfly


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