The Power of Story: Rewriting Your Life (LP)

EMERGING PROFESSIONALS: Designed for early career professional women entering or re-entering the workforce
Session III: 3:00 – 4:00 pm 

Are you writing your own story or living a life that has been written for you? Rising political media star Erica Williams Simon realized at twenty-seven that she was on a “treadmill to nowhere” and set off to build a bold new life for herself. In this session, she shares her personal story and her blueprint for seeking a new way to live by rewriting your personal narrative. Join this session to learn how to challenge the stories you’ve been told about fear, work, money, identify, faith, and love; and to become the protagonist of your own authentic, empowered, and ultimately world-changing story. 

Speaker: Erica Williams Simon, author, You Deserve the Truth

Additional speakers to be announced! 


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