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Special thanks to our sponsors Folie à Deux for hosting this reception in the Exhibit Hall from 4:00 – 5:00 pm.

Jump into Social!

Want to join the social revolution but don’t know where to start or how to find the time? Stop dipping your toe in, and join us as we share how to safely and easily jump in to this new world of professional social media. This discussion will provide you with easy to implement strategies and best practice steps for launching your professional profiles online using LinkedIn and Twitter. We’ll cover … [ more ]

Storytelling Across Mediums: Brand Cohesion & Narrative for Entrepreneurs

Your brand is essential to your business’s success. It can share your values, differentiate you from your competitors, inspire customer loyalty, and drive your sales to new heights. A strong brand depends on compelling, cohesive narrative, but with multiple print and digital mediums, it can be a struggle to stay unified. Creative director and designer Suzanne Shade’s work can be seen in Minted’s brand evolution, Vmware’s brand narrative, and the … [ more ]

The Most Powerful Assessment You’ll Ever Take: Strengths-Based Career Development

Are you working to your strengths? Research demonstrates that individuals who are working to their strengths are six times as likely to be successful in their roles and three times as likely to say they have a high quality of life in general. HR specialist Anne Elkin has used a simple online tool in executive onboarding, team development, and her own career journey. Join this interactive roundtable discussion to learn … [ more ]

The Next Generation of Digital Payments for Small Business Owners

With digital commerce constantly changing, it can be overwhelming for a small business owner to figure out which payment technologies can future-proof them and deliver the best checkout experience for their customers. Join MasterCard’s Adam Granoff and Stripe’s Sarah Heck for a conversation about the different commerce experiences available today, and why offering consumers a variety of payment choices is critical. Participants will learn about the balance between great customer … [ more ]

Using Video Like a Pro to Grow & Scale Your Business

Did you know that audiences are ten times more likely to engage, embed, and share video content, skyrocketing traffic for your brand or business? Making videos can be fun and rewarding, but, at the start, it can also be overwhelming. In this roundtable, Emmy-nominated television producer, digital strategist, and consultant Andrea Corson will help you master the art of short and engaging video for your website and social channels. You’ll … [ more ]

What’s In It For Them? Leading Innovation Through Empathy

Your innovative project can achieve cross-organization success, but how do you get support when your colleagues have other priorities? Start by thinking of how a successful outcome can benefit those colleagues. Dr. Nicola Peill-Moelter, Akamai’s one-person-team corporate sustainability officer, will share examples of how she uses this empathic approach to successfully execute sustainability initiatives. Whether you are working with virtual teams, remote colleagues, or associates across the hall, join this … [ more ]

You: The Brand

Whether you know it or not, you already have a personal brand: the reputation and personality that precedes you at work. To advance your career and develop as a leader, building your personal brand is key. In this roundtable, we will discuss how to intentionally build your personal brand in person and online. Shilpi Sharma, co-founder and CEO of Kvantum, will discuss lessons she’s learned about personal branding (and re-branding) … [ more ]

Building Credibility as a Leader

Successful leaders are trusted by their teams, who depend on them for their expertise, transparency, and smart decision making. However credibility is hard to earn and easy to lose. Whether you are an emerging leader building a new team or an established one looking to boost your credibility, join this roundtable to learn about owning your vision and building trust and respect to make that vision a reality. Speaker: Susan … [ more ]

Getting Started with Entrepreneurship

Taking the first step is often the hardest part of entrepreneurship. Where do ideas come from? How do you tell if it’s a good one? Do you know if being a founder is the right path for you? Venture capitalist turned social entrepreneur and startup advisor, Singari Seshadri, will lead a discussion on finding and validating ideas, and taking your concept to launch using design thinking and lean startup frameworks. … [ more ]

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