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Build It, Be It: How to Create a Powerful Personal Brand Online (W)

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT TRACK: Offering advice to help you enhance your life, grow and create more positive personal experiences outside of the workplace
Session III: 3:00 – 4:00 pm 

First impressions have always been critical, and in 2019 your first impression is likely to be a digital one. The key difference? You have far more control over the perception you create online versus when you meet someone in “real life.” In this workshop, social media expert Amanda Healy shares the what, why, where, and how of building a powerful personal brand online. Focusing on LinkedIn and Twitter, she will provide steps that you can take right now, as well as longer-term areas of focus, to create a strong and memorable digital impression. Social media novices and experts alike will walk away with a clear roadmap of how to build and evolve their digital brand to achieve their professional goals.

Speaker: Amanda Healy, social media storyteller

Roundtable | Powerful Partnerships

In every industry and for organizations of all sizes, collaborating effectively is a critical factor in your business’s success. But with business increasingly conducted digitally, how can you develop the relationships that are integral to strategic partnerships? In this roundtable, Qualcomm’s senior director of marketing Andrea Hogan shares her tips on cultivating relationships in the digital age.

Speaker: Andrea Hogan, senior director of marketing, Qualcomm

ENCORE: Choose Wonder Over Worry: Moving Beyond Fear (W)

EMERGING PROFESSIONALS: Designed for Millennials and newer professionals entering or re-entering the workforce
Session III: 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Worry. Fear. Doubt. It can stifle a dream, hinder a relationship, or bring your life and career to a halt. But while we often think fear is a challenge to overcome, what if instead it’s an ally on the path to unlocking our full potential? Author, speaker, and artist Amber Rae urges us to “choose wonder” as we embrace discomfort, and shares with us a unique approach for understanding the hidden meaning in our emotions: by dialoguing with them. This session will guide you to reframe your relationship to emotions like anxiety, fear, stress, imposter syndrome, and envy. You will leave with strategies for both your life and work, so that you can be the best you.

Speaker: Amber Rae, author, Choose Wonder Over Worry

Emcee: Edward Yardumian, senior vice president of product development engineering, Dell

Roundtable | Creating a Vision for Your Business

A clear vision is crucial for your business’s success. Identifying that vision will help you clarify what you want, define your goals, and determine the steps to get there. Join this interactive roundtable discussion to learn how to clarify your vision and map out what you want to accomplish and create for yourself.

Speaker: Margalit Ward, co-founder, Get Up Girl Women’s Coaching, and director, Professional Women’s Network So Cal

Roundtable | All [A]Board: Your Journey to Becoming a Corporate Director

Are you ready to pursue board service? With the passage of California Senate Bill 826, publicly held companies based in California are now required to have a minimum of one woman on their boards of directors by the end of this year and more by the close of 2021. Come learn from Women Serve on Board founder Olga Mack about what it will take for you to become a corporate director. She will share the skills to develop and steps to take now so that you are prepared for board service in the future.

Speaker: Olga V. Mack, author, All [A]Board, and founder, Women Serve on Boards

Roundtable | Navigating Cultural Diversity in Remote Teams

As new technologies have enabled working across countries and culture in unprecedented ways, navigating cultural differences has emerged as a core job skill in the modern workplace. Join this roundtable with engineering and inclusion leader Sabrina Rusi to learn strategies for connecting and communicating across cultural contexts.

Speaker: Sabrina Rusi, senior staff release manager, engineering operations team, and diversity and inclusion leader, Medallia

Roundtable | Innovation’s New Frontier: Sustainability

How well has tech delivered on the promise of driving solutions to the global challenges of sustainable development? What should we be doing differently to enable innovation and progress? VMware’s vice president of sustainability strategy Nicola Acutt discusses the role and opportunity for women in leadership to drive sustainability in our respective organizations.

Speaker: Nicola Acutt, vice president of sustainability strategy, VMware

Roundtable | Introduction to UX: From Research to Design

Successful products begin with specific users in mind. Getting to know your audience—then designing for them, and even with them—is critical to building something valuable. UX experts Heather Cassano and Jill Strawbridge outline Google’s six-phase framework for UX, giving your team, product, startup, or company a process for developing and testing a better user experience for your customers.

Speakers: Heather Cassano, director of user experience (UK), Google, and Jill Strawbridge, user experience (UX) research strategy lead, Google

Roundtable | Leading Change in the Digital Age

Technology is having a marked impact on our work experiences, and the changes keep coming. As technological proliferation continues in our businesses and our offices, it is more vital than ever for leaders to lead with their heads, heart, and soul. In this roundtable discussion, explore how women can harness their capabilities to lead their teams through rapid changes.

Speaker: Sandy Stelling, managing director of business transformation, Alaska Air Group

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