2018 Session | Transform Your Working Life

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Whether we have a good day or not depends partly on things we can’t control – perhaps an unexpected crisis or a cranky colleague. But behavioral science shows that many things that seem “random” can be strongly influenced by our own actions. Caroline Webb, economist and former partner at McKinsey, will demonstrate how tweaks to our daily routines can transform our experience of what happens around us, the number of hours in the day, our level of intelligence, and even other people’s moods. She will share insights on handling everyday challenges and being your best even under pressure. With this kind of powerful insight in your back pocket, attendees will leave with the power to transform their approach to life for boosted workplace performance and personal satisfaction.

Speaker: Caroline Webb, economist, author of How to Have a Good Day, and former partner, McKinsey

Emcee: Felicia Mayo, head of diversity and inclusion, Tesla


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