2018 Session | Creative Change

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CEOs, top executives, and other business leaders agree that creativity and innovation are vital to thrive in a competitive world. But according to the research of former Wharton management professor Jennifer Mueller, many business leaders chronically reject creative solutions and instead embrace the familiar. Mueller’s research reveals that it’s not just CEOs, but many others who struggle to accept creative ideas even as they seek innovation. Mueller will address the tough questions these findings raise: Do we love but also hate creative ideas? Could the mindset we use to evaluate ideas turn this love or hate on or off—in an instant? Do experts struggle even more than novices with this bias? And even more startling, could our “best practices” activate this bias, and inadvertently, kill innovation? Mueller diagnoses this hidden innovation barrier and will share her solutions in this workshop.

Speaker: Jennifer Mueller, author, Creative Change: Why We Resist It… How We Can Embrace It 

Emcee: Missy Schnurstein, head of product marketing and demand strategy, Oath


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