The 2018 Conference Center

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Session I: 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Overcoming​ ​Imposter​ ​Syndrome​ ​to​ ​Become​ ​an Authentic​ ​Leader – with Kim Azzarelli, Komal Ahmad, Jackie Glenn and Amy Trask

Creative Changewith Jennifer Mueller

Fine-Tune Your Brain: Making and Implementing Decisions Effectively – with Dr. Therese Huston, Diana Brainard, Meredith A. Kraus and Dr. Vivienne Ming

Innovation Quotient: Making Your Mighty Idea a Realitywith Karen Cahn, Becky Margiotta, Shireen Santosham and Cynthia Stoddard

The Balance Quest: Building a Life That Works for Youwith Laura Vanderkam

Navigating Office Politics with Gracewith Dr. Amy Cooper Hakim, Paul Francisco, Cy Wakeman and Kelly Williams Brown

Your Age Is an Asset: Making Your Experience Count in a Career Transitionwith Wendy Sachs, Bridget Bisnette, Lisa Skeete Tatum and Robin Wolaner

Be More with Less: Making Room for What Matters Mostwith Courtney Carver

Retire with Enough Money: Strategies for Making Your Money Last  – with Teresa Ghilarducci

Every Body Is Beautiful: A Healthy Self Image for All Shapes & Sizeswith Jessamyn Stanley

Session II: 11:30 am – 12:30 pm

Play Big: How to Go All Out, Beat the Odds, and Be Limitless in Lifewith Dr. Jen Welter

Radical Honesty: ​How to Tell the Truth (Even When No One Wants to Hear It)with Patty McCord

Diversity Refresh: What We Really Need to Be Successful with Dr. Vivienne Ming

Leading by Inclusionwith Lori Nishiura Mackenzie, Rajat Mishra, Molly Q. Ford and Patricia A. Milligan

Transform Your Working Lifewith Caroline Webb

The Secret to Getting Ahead: Your Guide to Communication, Negotiation, and Being Heard – with Celeste Headlee, Kathy Chou, Sophie Couteaux and Gail Hunter

Update Your Blueprint for Advancementwith Bonnie Marcus, Amy Flood, Kristen V. Hedstrom and J. Kelly Hoey

Your Survival Guide for the New Officewith Amanda Slavin, Anna Akbari, Madonna Bolano and Dr. Amy Cooper Hakim

Are You Ready to Be Self Made?with Nely Galán

What’s Next: Life After High Schoolwith Kelly Williams Brown, Kirstin Early, Jess Lahey and Anarghya Vardhana

Session III: 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

ENCORE | Are You Ready to Be Self Made? – with Nely Galán

ENCORE | Retire with Enough Money: Strategies for Making Your Money Last – with Teresa Ghilarducci

What No One Tells You About Negotiatingwith Amy Trask

Forging Powerful Relationships: Networking to Where You Want to Gowith J. Kelly Hoey

ENCORE | The Balance Quest: Building a Life That Works for Youwith Laura Vanderkam

We Persist: Building Resilience for Successwith Jess Lahey, Anna Akbari, Mark Brillhart and Susan Reid

We Need to Talkwith Celeste Headlee

A Conversation on Sponsorship for Men and Womenwith Dr. Laura Sherbin, John China, Adriana Gascoigne and Rachel Herrick Kassabian

The Language of Leadershipwith Lori Nishiura Mackenzie, Marilee Rhodes, Patty McCord and Cindy Solomon


All photos by Marla Aufmuth/ Getty Images for the Watermark Conference for Women: