Barbara Annis

2015 Speaker

BARBARA ANNIS began her career as the first woman in sales at Sony and became the first woman sales manager with 14 Outstanding Sales Achievement awards and Sony’s MVP award. For the past 27 years, Annis, founder and CEO of Barbara Annis & Associates Inc., has advocated the value and practice of gender and cultural intelligence in Fortune 500 companies and numerous organizations worldwide. She is chair emeritus of the Women’s Leadership board at Harvard Kennedy School and was recently conferred the International Alliance for Women, Lifetime Achievement awarded. Her latest book, “Gender Intelligence: Breakthrough Strategies for Increasing Diversity and Improving Your Bottom Line” (May 2014), co-authored with Dr. Keith Merron, represents the culmination of 27 years of gender-based research and global practice. Annis co-wrote “Work with Me: The 8 Blind Spots between Men and Women in Business” (May 2013), in conjunction with John Gray of Mars Venus renown. This blended work-life, personal-life guide published in thirty countries exposes and debunks the eight blind spots that frequently result in gender misunderstandings and miscommunication, affecting men’s and women’s ability to find success and satisfaction in their careers and relationships. @barbara_annis

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