2020 Registration FAQ

When does registration open?

Registration will open on our website September 12th at 9am sharp. Please note that due to high demand we expect a fast sell-out, and being online at 9am does not guarantee tickets will be available for you to purchase when your turn comes.

How much do tickets cost?

Conference tickets are $250 or $2,500 for a table of 10. Workplace Summit tickets are $75 each.

Registration is limited to a maximum of 10 tickets (1 table of 10) per transaction.

How do I pay?

We accept check or credit card payments.

To guarantee your tickets immediately, choose pay by credit card.

To hold your tickets choose pay by check, which will generate an invoice. Check payment is due in our office in 10 days or tickets are automatically released.  We do not accept Purchase Orders.

How do I register?

To provide a fair user experience and because demand for Conference tickets exceeds supply, we use the virtual queue system that Ticketmaster uses for popular concerts and the musical Hamilton.

The Register Now button will appear on our website at 9am. You will want to be on the site at or just before 9am and may need to refresh your browser to show the Register Now button.  Waiting any earlier does not put you into the queue so there is no need to camp out on our website far in advance!

When you click Register Now you will be placed in a virtual queue. Being in the virtual queue does not guarantee conference tickets will be available when your turn is up, and we will likely sell out while people are still waiting in the queue. We will post a message in the queue when conference tickets have sold out. There is no way to move yourself further up the queue other than waiting for your turn.

While in the queue, you will be told how many people are waiting in front of you, and you’ll see your progress as that number continually drops until it is your turn to buy tickets.

How do tickets sell out so quickly?

There are simply more people wanting to purchase tickets than there are available tickets. We are able to process hundreds of transactions at a time. If 100 people each buy a table of 10, that’s 1,000 tickets sold in one second, so the total number available goes very quickly. 

It feels like you must be with a big corporation or a sponsor to get tickets to the Conference

Our conference partners—such as sponsors, volunteers, board of directors members, speakers, and participants in our young women’s program—all receive Conference tickets. However, there are more tickets available to the public when registration opens than the total allotted to Conference partners.

There is absolutely no preferential treatment or screening for registration access – anyone can buy a ticket. Because demand is so high, it is the luck of the draw whether you can get tickets, and that can be frustrating.

The Conference for Women is a non-profit organization providing access to over 125 speakers including several high-profile keynote speakers. Comparable events around the country have been priced at or over $500 per ticket. Our corporate sponsors are regional employers and their generous contributions are what enable us to keep ticket prices manageable. Sponsors receive tickets as part of their packages, but it is a small number in relation to the total investment they’re making, and it is far fewer than the number of tickets made available to the public.

What can I do to improve my chances of buying Conference tickets?

Be ready September 12th at 9am!  Nothing can guarantee you’ll be able to get tickets, and access to purchasing tickets is random. However, there are a few things you can do to avoid problems when registering:

–        Never load our site in more than one browser window

Only have our site loaded in one window on your web browser – things can get extremely messy otherwise, and you might end up losing tickets you’re holding as our site only allows you to process one registration at a time.

–        Make sure that you’re using a steady Internet connection

If you lose your internet connection during registration for even a moment, you may have to start over and by then tickets may be sold out. It’s best to make sure you are using a reliable connection.

–        Use a computer instead of a phone

While our website is fully accessible by mobile devices, we have had many disappointed emails from those trying to register via their phone or tablet. The internet connection is more likely to be interrupted on a handheld device.

–        Don’t refresh your screen while waiting

Stick to one window when you’re being pushed through the virtual queue and always resist the urge to refresh. Hitting the refresh button means you’ll lose your place in the queue and, as frustrating as it can get, patience is the only way to access tickets.

The Conference for Women is equipped with sophisticated systems that are designed to manage and process ticket purchases as quickly as possible. The queueing system that appears on your screen is actually doing something, and will show you that the number of people in front of you is decreasing. It will bring you into the purchasing site as soon as possible.

–        If using a credit card, know your card limits, billing zip code and rules

Many corporate credit cards are not allowed to be charged by non-profit organizations, and the conference is a 501(c)3 organization. This will cause a decline and you will lose tickets you were holding. By the time you solve the problem and return, it is likely we will have sold out. In addition, some corporate cards have daily or per-transaction limits that you may not be aware of. Sometimes people don’t know the billing zip code for their corporate card and that can cause an AVS mismatch and decline. If using a corporate card, we highly recommend checking in with your accounting department or card issuer in advance, to be sure you know about any card limitations.

I’m disappointed I didn’t get Conference tickets

If you’re unlucky with getting tickets when they first go on sale, please add yourself to the waitlist on our website right away. While unlikely, if more tickets become available, we would reach out to those on the waitlist.

We’d also advise staying in touch with our social media nearer the day of the Conference – there’s always the chance that more tickets could be released due to last minute cancellations.

There may still be tickets available to the Workplace Summit.

You can still benefit from the Conference!

Please know that we are always thinking about how to increase access to the important and inspiring information shared at these conferences. We are also working hard to share insights into the topics you care about throughout the year.

So, while it’s not the same as being in the room on Conference Day, here are some things you can do to learn and connect today and all year long:

1. Tune in to Women Amplified, the new monthly Conference for Women podcast, featuring some of the most popular speakers from all our conferences.

2. Join the conversation on social media, where we regularly share insights and expertise—including monthly Facebook Live conversations with top speakers:


3. Read our most recent articles with experts on work-life balance, financial planning, leadership, success and more.

4. Check out video highlights of our keynote speakers, recordings of helpful breakout sessions, and recaps of past conferences.

5. Finally, join our mailing list to stay up to date on the latest offerings.

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