Gilead Career Pavilion

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The Watermark Conference for Women Career Pavilion, brought to you by Gilead, features local and national career experts, coaches and professionals to address your most pressing questions and challenges. The Career Pavilion provides you with intimate and unique opportunities to better position yourself on the job, enhance your career skills and network with peers. Don’t miss out on these Career Pavilion offerings:

*No advance sign-up is required for the following programs: 


7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.*

HR and career service experts from local colleges and universities will provide free resume critiques. Don’t miss this opportunity to have a seasoned pro give your resume a checkup and help you put your best face forward in the ever-changing job market.

*Resume Reviewers will be unavailable during the opening and lunch keynote sessions.


7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.*

The Coaches Corner program is designed to give conference attendees an opportunity for one-on-one “speed coaching” with a coach from International Coach Federation (ICF) San Francisco Bay Area. This is a great private opportunity to take what you learn at the conference and turn it into action!

*Career Coaches will be unavailable during the opening and lunch keynote sessions.


Resume Reviewers

Michelle Alvarez, High Tech Connect
Jeffrey D’Andria, Stanford University
Megan Dino, Stanford University
Shandy Dunn, High Tech Connect
Michelle Guerrero, High Tech Connect
Sylvia Head, California State University, East Bay
Tammy Nguyen, High Tech Connect
Andrea Peeters, Menlo College
Dominic Prado, High Tech Connect
Vicky Quach, Menlo College
Lori Rocereto, High Tech Connect
Jennifer Rowland, Stanford University
Becky Shah, Stanford University
Carly Shelar, High Tech Connect
Rene Siegel, High Tech Connect

Career Coaches

Tina Ambrosini, SF Bay Area Coaches
Sahar Azarabadi, Anthos Solutions
Rob Balaam, Balaam Coaching
Florian Brody, Resilience Coaching
Lisa Burque, Forward Focus Coaching
Shelly Buffington, Jackson Fairwind Creative
Kim Cadle, Pure Ambition
Kris Carey, Moxie, Inc. and Get Clients Now!
Susan Chritton, Pathways-Career & Life Strategies
Donna Camille, Davis Donna Camille Coaching
Kimberly Errigo, SF Bay Area Coaching
Pam Fuhrmann, Conscious Leadership Institute
Laura Gooler, Varian Medical Systems
Kate Greer
Sara Hart, Hartcom
Laila Helmer, Luminous Coaching, People-Centric Organization/PCO
Tracy Irvine, Tracy Irvine Coaching

Heidi Kettler, Heidi Bettler Coaching
Barbara Koeth, Confident Choices Coaching
Beata Lewis, Bridging Lives

Suzanne Mansell, Avant Consulting
Erin McAuley, BeChange Coach
Sandra McNeal, Ivey League Consulting
Robin Miles, Powerful Visions Leadership Consulting
Lisa Monzón, Lisa Monzón/Impact Services/Coaching and Consulting
Bill Palmer, Coach Bill Palmer
Carol Pugh, Carol Pugh Coaching
Joie Sheldon, Joie Seldon EQ Leadership Coaching
Deanna Stouder, Deanna J Stouder Coaching
Nadine Watson, Sagely Coaching
Carole Williams, Dare to be YOU

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