The 2015 Conference Center


Hillary Rodham Clinton at the Keynote Luncheon

Candy Chang at the Opening Keynote Session

Diane von Furstenberg at the Opening Keynote Session

Panel Discussion at the Opening Keynote Session

Q&A with Hillary Rodham Clinton & Kara Swisher at the Keynot...


Session I: 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Courageous Innovation™: Innovating in Your Organization, Your Team and Your Career – with Cindy Solomon, Juliet de Baubigny, Meg Bear, Jami McKeon, Rima Qureshi and Shellye Archambeau

Bridging the Cross-Gender Communication Gap to Improve Your Leadership and Advance Your Position – with Barbara Annis, John Gray and Karen J. Willem

Communicating Effectively for Inclusion: How to Go From Well Meaning to Doing – with Verná Myers and MaryAnn Bianco

Your QUANTUM LEAP: How & Now!! – with Dr. Gloria Mayfield Banks and Jackie Glenn

Breaking Through: How to Overcome Fears, Inertia, Gender Bias and Other Obstacles – with Vanessa Loder, Jill Abramson, Darla K. Anderson, Jessica Herrin, Ginna Raahauge and Nicole Ward

Small Changes, Big Results: Your Journey to Physical and Emotional Wellness – with Ellie Krieger and Heather Healy

How to Use Body Language to Influence Human Behavior and Enhance Your Presence – with Janine Driver and Jeanne Bradford

Life Balance Survival Strategies in a “Lean In” World: Real People, Real Stories, Real Solutions – with Jaleh Bisharat, Katrina Alcorn, Gail Sheehy, Lisa Sugar, Christine Tsai and Ann Barlow

Session II: 11:30 am – 12:30 pm

ENCORE: Courageous Innovation™: Innovating in Your Organization, Your Team and Your Career – with Cindy Solomon, Rosalind L. Hudnell, Yoky Matsuoka, Faye Sahai, Renee Compton Ryan and Erna Arnesen

Pioneering Pay Equity: Strategies to Bridge the Gap, Own Your Value and Negotiate Your Worth – with Gloria Feldt, Kimberly Bryant, Kristi Mitchem, Victoria Pynchon and Merline Saintil

Strategize to Win: The New Way to Start Out, Step Up or Start Over in Your Career – with Carla Harris and Karineh Khachatourian

Secrets for Winning at Work: The Handbook for Emerging Professionals and Career Success – with Lisa Orrell, Marcy Blair, Pooja Sankar, Christina Smedley and Laurie Lumenti Garty

A Modern Girl’s Guide to Personal Finance: The Five Investment Decisions That Can Make (or Break!) Your Portfolio – with Manisha Thakor and Maya Strelar-Migotti

Transitions and Risk Taking: Lessons Learned While Becoming Brave – with Joyce Maynard, Erin L. McSweeney, Peggy Northrop, Ramona Pierson and Patrice D’Eramo

30 Days to a Better Brain: Tips for Improving Your Memory, Concentration, Mood and Overall Well-Being – with Richard Carmona, MD, MPH, FACS, and Bridget A. Ross

ENCORE: How to Use Body Language to Influence Human Behavior and Enhance Your Presence – with Janine Driver and Susan Rancourt

How to Become the Social Entrepreneur of Your Life: Doing Well By Doing Good – with Anne Devereux-Mills, Jessica Herrin, Joanne Pasternack, Danae Ringelmann, Celia Tejada and Kathy Woeber Gardner

Expert Exchange Sessions: 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Building Meaningful Connections – with Marilyn Nagel

Negotiating to Get (More of) What You Want – with Margaret Neale

Strategies for Fostering a Global and Diverse Workplace and Team – with Sharon Brogdon, Trudy Bourgeois, Lisa M. Lambert, Pat McDonald and Mary Willner

Propelling Your Career Growth: Top Tips From Ericsson’s Superwomen – with Gunjan Aggarwal, Bina Chaurasia, Amy McCune, Rima Qureshi and Maya Strelar-Migotti

Women and Wealth: Establishing a Game Plan That Aligns With What You Value Most – with Alma Guimarin, Theo Schwabacher, Pamela Soekland and Cheryl L. Young

Inclusive Leadership as a Competitive Advantage – with Heather Lawley, Marcy Blair, Ana Corrales, Patrice D’Eramo, Francine Katsoudas and Sridevi Koneru Rao

Making a Difference in the Board Room: Lessons from Women with Experience – with Wendy Beecham, Mary Cranston, Nadia Damouni, Jane Edison Stevenson and Gerri Elliott

Building Your Personal Brand: Sharing Practical Tools and Action Plans – with Lisa Welker-Finney


All photos by Marla Aufmuth/Getty Images for LeadOn:Watermark’s Silicon Valley Conference for Women