Workplace Summit Agenda



1:00 PM | Keynote Address

WE ARE ALL AGING: Let’s End Ageism
In the workplace, we experience ageism when someone assumes that we are “too young” for a promotion, for example, or “too old” to be a good fit—instead of finding out who we are and what we’re capable of. Just like race and gender, age is a criterion for diversity. In this provocative, funny, and deeply informed talk, Applewhite explores the personal and professional consequences of age bias (especially for women), challenges the young/old binary, and explains how everyone benefits from age-friendly policies. This rousing call to action will start you seeing and dismantling the ageism around us—in the workplace, and everywhere else.
Ashton Applewhite,  anti-ageism activist and author, This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism

2:00 PM | Networking Break & Author Signing

2:20 PM | Keynote Address

C4WARD TO MOVE FORWARD: How to Overcome Bias and Embrace Otherness Otherness
Our world is more divided than ever. We are pulling back from each other, drawing the idea of family and community too small, clinging to people who are like us, and being afraid of the “other.” But separation and retrenchment are not the way forward. To overcome divisiveness, we need to expand and reimagine a more inclusive community and society. We each need to reach across our differences instead of giving into isolation, fear, and hatred. In this compelling talk, Vernā Myers shares her vision of how we can all move forward, sharing the four Cs of progress – Cultural Curiosity, Compassion, Consciousness, and Courage. Participants will leave energized and with practical tools for connecting in small and large ways to people who are different.
Vernā Myers, vice president of inclusion strategy, Netflix, lawyer, entrepreneur, best-selling author and cultural innovator

3:15 PM | Networking Break & Author Signing

3:35 PM | Keynote Address

Session title and description COMING SOON!
Seth Godin, entrepreneur, best selling author, and one of the most popular bloggers of all time

4:30 PM | Closing Reception


ABOVE AGENDA SUBJECT TO CHANGE. More speakers to be announced!

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