Tara MacCannell

2019 Speaker

TARA MacCANNELL is senior director, public health and medical affairs, within Gilead Sciences’ access operations and emerging markets team.  In this role, she provides expertise on disease burden and feasible public health initiatives in resource-limited settings.   Previously, she spent five years as an epidemiologist within the company’s pharmacovigilance and epidemiology department, where she led global safety studies in children and adults, and worked on advances in machine learning with large scale healthcare data, and other technology innovations. Prior to joining Gilead, MacCannell was an infectious diseases epidemiologist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. She is the co-lead for the Women at Gilead, an employee resource group established to contribute to the development, support and retention of female employees at Gilead.  She is also an active volunteer and champion of STEM-focused events.  MacCannell is a graduate of the University of Calgary, Canada with a doctorate in epidemiology, infectious diseases.  She also earned an MS in healthcare epidemiology, and joint degrees in molecular biology, zoology, and psychology. @gileadsciences

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