Shuly Galili

2017 Speaker

SHULY GALILI is the co-founding partner at UpWest Labs, a Silicon Valley based seed fund investing in Israeli tech entrepreneurs and startups.  Founded in 2012, UpWest has a growing portfolio of more than 60 startups in diverse tech domains.  Among them are SentinelOne, Airobotics, Honeybook, Neura and more. Galili worked at various cross-border organizations and funds investing in social and business ventures.  Prior to founding UpWest Labs she spent more than decade on building Silicon Valley’s gateway to Israel as the executive director of the California Israel Chamber of Commerce (CICC).  Galili built the organization’s infrastructure across all tech domains and fostered high impact initiatives for Venture Capital, corporate executives and entrepreneurs between the two regions. In 2015 she was named among 100 Most Influential People in Israeli Hi-tech by Israel’s leading tech magazine Geektime.  She serves on the advisory board of The C100 – A Canadian Entrepreneurs Network.

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