Saura Naim

2019 Speaker

SAURA NAIM is currently the senior director of the business execution office at Juniper Networks. She started her career in technology while studying and working in Israel and has never looked back. In 2001, she was recruited to join a Silicon Valley startup, so she uprooted her family and moved to the US She joined Juniper Networks in 2005, and has spent the past thirteen years in a wide variety of functions, usually with the charter to create change and enhance operational capabilities. Her reputation as a game-changing executive leader with a strong track record of success, led to the creation of her current role where she leads a team responsible for driving operational execution and business transformation. Naim is a graduate of Stanford’s Executive Program, and earned an MBA from Ben Gurion University. She is an impact coach and co-chair of the Mentor Alumni Council for Tech Women. @junipernetworks

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