Rita Bojalian

2016 Speaker

RITA BOJALIAN is the business unit attorney for the neuromodulation division at Boston Scientific’s, a medical device company that transforms lives through innovative medical solutions that improve the health of patients around the world.  The neuromodulation division creates implantable technologies for managing chronic neuropathic pain and neurological diseases.  As senior counsel, she provides legal advice to senior management on a broad array of issues relating to the neuromodulation division’s business.   In the past, she has worked in large and small law firms, and in house at CBS Broadcasting Inc. and St. Jude Medical.  She handled the Nervicon trade secret theft case, which resulted in a $2.3 billion jury verdict, and is on Bloomberg’s list of the largest trade secret verdicts of all time.  She has often spoken on panels regarding the importance of protecting trade secrets and worked as the senior director of trade secret protection while at St. Jude.  Earlier in her career, as a law student, Bojalian was chosen to travel to Armenia with Justice Antonin Scalia and other state and federal judges to support the country’s legal efforts in becoming a democracy.  She participated in a moot court demonstration with all of the judges and aided in their efforts for improving the country’s legal system.  She currently supports humanitarian work around the world as an advisory board member of the Real Medicine Foundation, which partners with local populations in extreme poverty and disasters, turning aid into empowerment and victims into leaders. @bostonsci

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