Rene Shimada Siegel

2019 Speaker

RENE SHIMADA SIEGEL is extremely passionate about empowering colleagues and advocating for the next generation of communicators. She is the founder and CEO of Connext, Silicon Valley’s marketing and communications consultancy. For two decades, her company has made life easier for hundreds of technology clients with specialized consultants ranging from recent grads to senior strategists. Siegel also passes on her real-world experience to students as a public relations professor at San Jose State University and is a frequent speaker on entrepreneurship, career strategies, and personal branding. She currently serves on the Dean’s Advisory Board for the Lucas College of Business at San Jose State University, and was a featured speaker at the 2018 Public Relations Society of America International Conference. Siegel also received the Watermark Make Your Mark Award for Advocacy this year. As an entrepreneur, Siegel has been featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Working Mother, Newsweek Japan, CNBC, and Dan Pink’s Free Agent Nation, among others. She’s also been a regular columnist for @ReneSiegel

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