Nicola Peill-Moelter

2018 Speaker

NICOLA PEILL-MOELTER is senior director of environmental sustainability with Akamai. In this role, she leads Akamai’s global sustainability program, creating the vision, setting strategy, and overseeing execution. She’s excited by the possibilities enabled by rapid innovations in energy, transportation and IoT. Her responsibilities span the gamut of energy and greenhouse gas management and reporting; renewable energy and energy efficiency; electronic-waste management; and employee and stakeholder engagement. A core tenant of her strategy is uncovering the business drivers for sustainability. Peill-Moelter’s favorite activity is collaborating with engineers innovating around the energy efficiency, productivity and reducing carbon emissions of Akamai’s global Intelligent Cloud Platform, which represents 90 percent of Akamai’s environmental impact. Along with her expertise in corporate sustainability and Internet technologies, Peill-Moelter earned a BE in chemical engineering from Manhattan College, a PhD in environmental engineering science from Caltech, and an executive certificate in sustainable management from the Presidio Graduate School. She holds a U.S. Patent, and is a member of Businesses for Social Responsibility; the Future of Internet Power; the Green Grid; and the International Society of Sustainability Professionals. @akamai

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