Marie Elizabeth Aloisi

2019 Speaker

MARIE ELIZABETH ALOISI is senior vice president, business development in North America with Mastercard.  She drives the company’s business development and strategic partnership strategy across three segments of businesses, namely commercial, B2B acceptance, and healthcare. Aloisi joined Mastercard in 2008, and was responsible for managing the JPMorgan commercial portfolio which, under her leadership, she grew thirty seven point five percent.  In 2013, she was promoted to VP, and led the commercial payments business development team. She increased new annual contracted dollar volume by three hundred percent over four years. Prior to joining Mastercard, Aloisi spent the majority of her career at American Express.  She developed extensive experience in sales and marketing and became the industry owner across a variety of verticals.  In her last role as segment owner for e-commerce, she developed and executed a strategy to significantly improve online acceptance which increased Amex spend share of five percentage points.  She developed partnerships with the most strategic influencers and industry associations.  She drove pricing strategy for the segment and created marketing and sales assets to educate consumers. Aloisi was also a founding member of the Luxury Marketing Council which is now a global renowned organization for the Luxury industry. @mastercard


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