Luna Federici

2018 Speaker

LUNA FEDERICI is vice president of funding strategy with Lending Club. Lending Club is a marketplace lender focused on empowering borrowers that strive to improve their financial health and providing risk-adjusted returns to investors that want access to the loan asset class.  In this role, Federici supports the development of multiple consumer finance product lines on Lending Club’s platform and develops the strategies through which these finance products are funded. This role at Lending Club builds on her prior experience in technology-enabled consumer finance companies.  She led the financial products team at Spruce Finance, and was vice president of corporate development at Kilowatt Financial – both companies were Kleiner Perkins portfolio companies that provided solar finance and energy efficiency finance products to consumers.  Prior to her roles in financial technology operating companies, she was a residential mortgage bond trader at Glenview Capital, a multi-billion dollar hedge fund in New York. Federici has a BS in earth systems, oceanography from Stanford University, and an MS in applied mathematics from the University of Washington.  She was a Fulbright Fellow in New Zealand, where she conducted climate change research and spent time on an ice-breaker in Antarctica evaluating the impact of elevated atmospheric carbon from fossil fuels.  @lendingclub

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